Thursday, October 28, 2010

Therepy Session

Sometimes a little therepy is just what you need in order to keep sane. It is amazing how a little time removed from the constant hub-bub while interacting with some furry friend can bring a little bit of normalcy back into existence. Soon after Jessica came somebody brought her this frightened little kitty. She has been named Mianah, but Nathan just calls her Snickelfritz and it just fits because she is such a spaz. She is kind of like a dog in that she follows us around and comes when we call her. She is actually really fun to have around and truely therepy for us. I can definitely see why there are different programs that train animals to help with sick people. She has certainly brought smiles to our faces on many occasions.


We found these kittens back in July and didn't know what
happened to them. But it is obvious that the white one is her.

1 comment:

  1. she's cute! I've always had a pet when I've lived in other countries. I think it makes the bad days better and the good days great. They always love when you need it and they remind you that you aren't alone. I'm glad you have a kitty.