Wednesday, October 13, 2010

13 Month Anniversary

I never got a chance to post about our 1st anniversary, so I will now on our 13 month annviersary. I never thought that we would be celebrating our first anniversary in Haiti, but it is the Caribbean, so I can say that we were on an island just to celebrate.  We actually did get to take a little break from work and Nathan surprised me by taking me out to dinner all the way across town.  He even found some tropical flowers to give me. It was the first time that I dressed up and actually wore make-up, so some of the translators were surprised that it was me. They thought I was someone visiting from another place.
It was wonderful to get away. As soon as we stepped in to the restaurant it was as if we had been transported to a different country. There was a nice calm atmosphere, with a garden, fountain and outside eating area. It was amazing and the food was tasty. It was actually a Mediterranean restaurant as well, so we were delighted to have a different variety of food. I found it amusing that were ordered Mediterranean food in French and were eating it in Haiti.
It is amazing what a little time away can do for our sanity. Nathan did an excellent job of surprising me with such a beautiful place.

Our waiter found out that it was our first anniversay,
so he surprised us with this tasty creation!



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