Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today was the first day since we arrived that I had an overwhelming desire to adopt a little girl. Coming down here I knew that there would be many kids with needs, but I told myself that I couldn't let myself get attached to any kids because there is so much need. Up until this point the thought has been far from my mind. Then I held a little girl in my arms today and my heart simply exploded. It was so unexpected that I didn't know what to do. This sweet girls daddy came to us with tears streaming down his face and in anguish because he doesn't know how he is going to take care of her. He can't find work and he can hardly take care of himself, let alone be responsible for a child.

I think what made this situation hit me so hard was at the same moment that this scenario was going on we were in the process of saying goodbye to one of our return volunteers who had decided to adopt a wonderful little boy. I looked over as they were getting into the car and saw the excitement and happiness. Hope was all over their faces. Then I look over at this little girl and her dad and see the turmoil and despair. Its just not fare.


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