Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home Again!

Finally, we have set up a blog! It’s only taken us about 4 months but here it is. Now where to start? So many things have happened that there is no way to go back and recapture all the events, but we’ll try to write some things from our first few months here every now and then.
So I was trying to figure out what to write about first. Of course there is always discussing all the damage from the earthquake, people in tents everywhere, staggering needs,  overwhelming feelings and emotions, wondering how we can make a difference etc. but I won’t, at least not at this moment. That will come later.
We just got back from our first week long break since we moved here in June. It was glorious being able to drive on a regular road, eat at Taco Bell as soon as we landed, and relax with family. Anyway, the week went by way too quick and I was having mixed emotions as we packed up to return. Even though it was such a blessing to take a break, it seemed like half the time we were thinking about Haiti and all that we needed to do when we got back. But at the same time, once it was time to leave I suddenly wasn’t sure that I was ready to come back. It seemed daunting and overwhelming. I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to come back. So during the whole flight over I was just a bit unsure of everything, that is until we landed.
As soon as those wheels touched the ground, my anxiety vanished. I was ready to be back even though we don’t have all the answers to solve 1/8th of the problems. I was genuinely excited to see our trusty driver, Richard, meet us at the airport.  When we drove up to the hospital I was surprised that I was relieved to be back and semi-ready for the commotion and hub-bub as soon as we opened the car door. But what was even more surprising to me was when I walked up those hospital stairs, into our hospital room makeshift house, for some ODD reason it just felt right. I was home and I knew that this is where we are supposed to be right now!
God certainly does have a plan and even though we don’t always know what we are doing or why we may be here, He does and He has helped us this far and I know He will continue to lead in the future.



  1. Although it is wonderful to hear that things are going well for you two, its not news to me! I knew that you and Nathan's life was going to really mean something a little different than most other couples lives. The second you told me you were moving to Haiti it was just confirmation of how God made you two for such an adventurous marriage!

  2. It is good to see you serving Him together where He has called you to just fits...for such a time as this..we love you guys & think & pray for you often.

  3. Neo-Nate, don't know if you'll remember me but Barbara and Brian Bothe keep me up to date on your activities. What a terrific guy you've become (probably in spite of the python-brained influences around you as a child!)- congratulations on finding and recognising where you belong. Take care, Sue Day

  4. So Glad to see you have this up and going kids - We can hardly wait to share it with so many who are asking about you both and wanting to know how its going! Great Job! We are so very Proud of you! You are always in our thoughts and we continue to lift you up in Prayer Always! Take Care our Dear Ones. Remember God is So Very Faithful and He will help you through any daily struggles you may encounter and give you blessings beyond what you can imagine!
    Love you Mom & The Whole Family Clan :)

  5. Hey, I just read your entire blog! It was so good to see pictures and get a feeling for how things are. I especially liked this one about how it felt right to be "home" when you got back to Haiti. I kind of remember feeling like that arriving back at PUC after break, but I realize your situation is way more extreme and different. We love you, take care, Aunt Natalie