Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Hatian Wedding

This last Saturday, Jeanty, one of our translators got married. We were not sure what to expect and since there were several of us going from the hospital we didn't want to be late and cause a commotion. Well, we certainly did not have to worry about that. We arrived when it was supposed to start at 2:30, but it actually didn't really begin until 3:30, and even then, the church was only have full because people just kind of trickled in over the next hour or two.

I started to see why people were not super concerned about arriving when it started because it kept going and going. It was beautiful, but certainly not short. It was a good thing that the bridal party had special seats that they were able to sit at during most of the service. There was singing, then preaching, then more singing by one choral group after another. Most of the music was very beautiful (minus one group of ladies that just kept singing verse after verse that seemed never ending). I really enjoyed all the other choral groups, and even the bride and groom sang in several different songs.

Some things that I found interesting was that the bridal party was announced as they walked in, there were several junior brides, and people crowded around the couple during the middle of the ceremony to get pictures of them. Also, Jeanty had us sit up close to where the ceremony was. For awhile we were the only people sitting there until people arrived part way through the ceremony.

I wish that I could have understood more of what was actually said during the ceremony. I got bits and pieces here and there, but I am curious about what was actually said. Maybe one day I will be able to understand Creole better.


The proud groom

Jessica, Jean Kelly, Brooke, and Albert

They played the accordion!

Me, Brooke Beck, and Jessic Scott. Probably one of the only times
 that you will see all three of us dressed up and wearing make-up.

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  1. You all look beautiful! And I bet the people you are helping when you don't feel so beautiful think that your smiles are the best thing ever!