Friday, April 13, 2012

Our New Mansion

Here are some pictures of the duplexes that we are now staying in. We went from the bright turquoise paint to a nice neutral color that blends in with the trees.

View of the Duplexes from the Hospital Parking Lot

The kitchen is in the section with the little wholes for windows.

To make it brighter in the kitchen we were able to put in real windows

Living Room Area

This view is looking from the living room into
 the dining room and the doorway to the kitchen.

Same view but with new tile, fresh paint,
new  kitchenwindow and ikea furniture!

2nd Bedroom

Same space but instead of a wooden divider
it is left open or a curtain can enclose
the "room." Just enough space to put a full size
loft bed.

From the living room looking into half of
the room that is sectioned off for a 2nd bedroom

2nd Bedroom/Living Room

Looking from the dining room into
the living room/2nd bedroom
Marc scrubbing away the grime on the doorway
between the living room and dining room

The Living Room

Jaunito working hard in the section designated for the living room
Our new furnished living room complete with decorations and our cat!
There is just enough room to put a small couch and chair and then
the other half of the room is the bedroom. 

One of the kitchens before new paint but after the windows were installed.
Believe it or not, it was originally worse than this because of dark lighting and black paint.
It was a 7'x7' cave

Still a 7'x7' kitchen, yet there is light, counters, big window,
 sink and a shelving! What a blessing!!!

Master Bedroom
One of the master bedrooms with multiple layers of paint. The
"after" picture below is of a different bedroom but is the mirror-image
to this picture.
Our new ikea queen size bed that just fits into the bedroom

The Final Product 
View of the front of one of the duplexes. Divide it down the middle
between the kitchen windows and there you have living space for 2 people in each side.