Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arial View

A couple months ago a pilot friend of ours, Joe Hurston, stopped by and when we found out that he had two extra seats in his little plane to fly back to Florida for the weekend, we jumped on the offer. Joe has been flying back and forth to Haiti for years. Every now and then when he comes over he brings us little goodies from the States, like lettuce, grapes, and even some peaches. It is such a treat! I never thought that I would miss vegetables so much but often I just crave a big crisp salad.

Flying in a little plane over Haiti was such a neat experience. Like all things in life its great to see things from a new perspective. Being able to fly low over Port-au-Prince and the countryside definitely helped us see the bigger picture.


Some tent cities are organized, orthers are certainly more haphazard. The first picture of the spread out tent city is further into the country where there is more space. In the city, space is definitely limited to the point that some people have taken to building their shelters in the mediun of the road with the crzy traffic jostling by on either side of their "house."


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