Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Picture of Home

Thinking about this being home, here are some pictures of our cozy abode. It is funny how my perspective of what a house and home means to me now after living in a hospital room. Right after we got married we moved into a tiny apartment, perfect for a first little place. When we were there we always joked that since we started off with such a small space we could only get bigger from there. Well, we were wrong, but it’s turned out to be just fine. Home for us right now is a room in the hospital, with a blow up bed, our suitcases as our clothes drawers, and shelves as our pantry…and for right now it works. Half the time it feels like a mansion and I feel utterly spoiled when I remember the thousands of other people here living in tents. I don’t think I always “get it” but I think I am reminded more and more to be thankful for all that we do have. 
Perks about living 40 feet from the office:
1. We don’t have to fight the crazy traffic to get to work
2. We can almost literally roll out of bed and be here.
3. We have a good grasp for what is happening on a daily basis
4. Even when we have to work late we can still be home in time for dinner
5. We sometimes get spaghetti and hard boiled eggs for breakfast
6. I can take a little nap during the middle of the day (Amy)
7. We are always available to help people

Cons about living 40 feet from the office:
1. We are always available to help people
2. People always know where to find us
3. We live at work (literally)
4. We can empathize with the patients better (because their screams wake us up at night).

See, the good outweighs the bad 7 to 4.  So even though this is home and we are happy to be here, we are still looking forward to having our own space outside of the hospital.

We actually do get hot water to our shower. See the orange extension chord going up to the shower head? That heats up the water a few degrees. It works great, but sometimes its just nice to have a cold shower to help cool down.


  1. It's hard to see and yet a relief at the same time - We are thankful you are not in a tent so - Yes you do have so much to be thankful for! Love you & miss you! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Amy, you are doing such a great job of keeping us informed. Thanks for your blog. I love it!