Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lock Down Again

Around the 28th of November we were on lock down in the hospital compound, now we are again due to the election results being announced last night. To say the least people are upset and there is potential for some major problems. There is no clear winner since nobody got over 50% of the votes so there will be another election in Jan for the 2 people with the most votes. People are unhappy with the announcement of the 2 leading candidates because it definitely looks like there is fraud. There are going to be problems as long as the current president's candidate gets through. It seems like people don't really care who goes on to win, as long as its not Preval's candidate.

The sky is filled with smoke as people have been burning tires in different places. The airport is closed for at least the next 2 days and the hospital is pretty quiet since most people are not wanting to brave the streets to come out to the hospital. Most of the translators could not make it in today or have left early so that they are not caught in any unwanted chaos. We will see how this afternoon goes because we may be short staffed on the nursing front if the evening shift is not able to come in to work.

We will keep you updated on everything, but please continue to keep the whole situation here in your prayers. Haiti definitely needs the help, direction, and peace that only God can bring.


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